Making the journey together from concerned citizens to change makers

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Queens is the most diverse urban area in the world. Hearts Across Queens was founded with the belief that inclusion and tolerance are fundamentally right, not a political stance.

We are Queens residents dedicated to protecting, supporting and empowering our community and acting together to create positive change.

We are committed to spreading love, kindness and understanding throughout Queens and welcome members of all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and beliefs.

Regardless of your time, resources, or previous experience, no action is too small to make a difference in our community. Get involved with us today!

Our Goals:

  • Spread positivity and create a sense of community through local activism in Queens

  • Create change through the power of community events

  • Act as allies with front line communities to create positive change

  • Enable and empower people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved

  • Share resources locally

Our Values:

  • We contribute what we can

  • We focus on the goal, not our differences in how we want to get there

  • We are inclusive (call in, don’t call out)

  • We know when to follow and when to lead

  • We cooperate, not compete

  • We are positive

  • We are peaceful

  • We share what we know, and share what we learn

  • We make mistakes, learn, and keep going