In what ways do you strengthen your community through the above role/position?

I provide college education at John Jay College, an institution that serves mostly women, working class, immigrant and new Americans, and is federally designated as a Hispanic serving institution. Our institution has a social justice mission and we train students to be future public servants with critical thinking and writing skills. We also promote citizenship through experiential and community based learning.

Are there any obstacles you struggle(d) to overcome, specific to being a woman in your role?

Balancing work and family obligations and also completing my PhD. I had strong family support but it was still a very difficult task.

What is the best (most rewarding, empowering, FUN) part of what you do?

Learning about my students’ experiences, and working with students over several years to see how they grow. My favorite thing is hearing from students who have graduated and learning about their many successes.

Do you have any advice for women and girls who may look to follow in your footsteps or pursue a course in a similar field?

Be sure you have a strong support network and be passionate about learning, writing and teaching.


Susan Kang, PhD.

Associate Professor of Political Science